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How to add link to Google

How to add link to Google

Just a short post to answer a quick question I have been getting all the time “how to add link to Google”. You know most newbie’s and beginners to SEO and link building do not really know how to add link to Google if it’s their main link or how to add new links like new blog posts or new article links or even indexing anew back links.

So this post for SEO beginners, but it is very important.

First let’s clear some very important facts:

  1. To add a link to Google means indexing a link by Google.
  2. You do not need any submission service or software to add a link to Google.
  3. Indexing a link with Google is a must do, all your links must be indexed by Google and even if you can index some of the links that point back to your site will be a good idea.

To know how to add links to Google effectively let me show you how Google works.

Google always go through websites and pages, and it always detect links from those pages and follow them. This is Google main indexing way.

So the best strategy to add your link to Google is to have this link on a page that Google visits, then Google will find your link and go to it and index it then it will import the data that identify your link from your own page; like title and description.

So if you have a new link and want to add it to Google, I will recommend adding this links to a bookmarking sites like Delicious, riddit and stumbleupon, or you can simple post it on Facebook. This simple thing will add your link to Google, and then Google will index your link and also follow all links inside your page.

You see how simple it is?

So if a simple back link to your site will make sure your link is indexed by Google, so logically more back links to your site will make Google see how important your site is and will increase your ranking on Google.

Having a link added to Google by itself have no value, but having a link pushed to Google first page is worth a lot, a lot of traffic and a lot of money. So do not ever stop at adding a link to Google, keep building more and more back links to increase your ranking, traffic and profits.

Here are some resources I really recommend

Webfire To increase website traffic and get Google page one

Link Building Strategies and Tools

Unique Article Wizard for article marketing and higher PR backlinks

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