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Cheap link building service

Cheap link building service

I will show you here how to find a cheap link building service that provide the highest link building packages with the lowest price. I will also show you how to create a cheap link building campaigns that bring you the best high value back links and pass the highest ranking value.

If you are looking to through your money on link building services just to feel good about yourself as investing on link building, I can show you hundreds of link building services that claim and some will build 1000s of back links to your site with less than $10, those services are simply worthless, in most cases they use a software that blast your link information on thousands of WebPages that are not even indexed by Google or any other search engine.

Let’s clarify this issue so you understand what is cheap, what is quality and how to get the cheapest link building service that provide high quality link building campaigns.

Not all back links have the same value. And do not make a huge mistake by assuming the page rank of the page your link is on is the value of back links. Page rank parameter (PR) is a good parameter but it defiantly will not give you the real value of your back links. But at least when your back links are coming from pages with PR0 or PRn/a that in most cases mean your back links are worthless.

Maybe in another post I will show you how to calculate the value of back links.

Here I want to focus on the cheap link building service that will bring you the highest value with minimum price. And here are my 4 choices. You can choose only one of those choices and keep doing it until you reach the maximum value then move to another one. Or you can build your own link building campaign by combination of more than one choice.

Cheap link building service that require work from you. It’s more like a cheap effective link building tool.

1. Unique Article Wizard. This is the best link building tool ever created, and every webmaster and internet marketer must. must have this tool it’s cheap ($67 per month) and very powerful because it have the largest blog network and huge database of article directories, and your submission in 100% automated  , and web based. You just need to input your article, spin it, write your resource box and have your links then hit submit.

2. Webfire marketing tool. It also a web based very cheap and affordable link building tool that not only bring high quality of back links but also generate high targeted traffic to your pages.

Those 2 tools require work and some time from you (20 minute max for each operation) but bring great results, with those tools you can also increase page rank, getting more high value back links, forcing Google to index all your pages and always visit your pages and will increase Alexa ranking.

Those are the cheap link building services, but again if you compare price with other services you may think it’s not cheap, but comparing to the value of the back links you will get, those are the cheapest link building services online.

1. Automatic back links, it is a simple service that allows you to exchange links for free by earning credits for the links you place on your pages, then by links on other pages with those credits. Or simply by links directly.

For example for only $10 you can get

1 PageRank 4 links or
2 PageRank 3 links or
5 PageRank 2 links or
10 PageRank 1 links

And you have full control; you can accept links, change and look for better with the same price.

This service could give you a huge boost on your ranking.

2. Submit Edge. Submit Edge is the leading link building service for long time, it provides all kinds of link building packages that will be affordable for each budget. So as beginner with low budget you can start with as little as $79 with a link building package that contains directory submission, article distribution, social network submission. With more budgets you can add press release and more SEO friendly directory submission.

After a long experience and trying all kind of link building tools and services, I really think that what I have listed here are not only the cheap link building services but the most effective link building services and tools to build the best most powerful link building campaigns.

There is one more link building service that I strongly recommend for faster ranking and more valuable back links. It is Link Emperor, but its price is high for SEO beginners, but it also provides high value link building packages for that price

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